Another remake ?

Ellen toes the line between life and death
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True Ellen Page Fan
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Sep 21, 2017 1:30 pm

Isn't it great to have another new movie with Ellen?

My answer would be: Kinda.
Or, as many not-so-funny people would say: "It depends"
And it depends on: Do you like, don't care or even hate the current streak of reboots, remakes and rehash of "old" movies.

So far I've seen the trailer. And, of course, I've seen the original movie.
From the trailer it seems like a fairly different movie.
So, maybe it's not so much a remake than a reinterpretation of the original idea.
On the other hand, call it what you want, it doesn't change the content.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

To me, the mere fact that Ellen plays a part in the movie is enough to watch it.
Therefore, I'm excited ... kinda.
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Dec 08, 2017 2:41 pm

For those you actually watched the movie, here are some questions and thought which I really would love to discuss with you :happyhappy:
  • Why is Marlo driving a car without a license plate?! I can't remember seeing one and, although it's no big deal, it seems to be odd nonetheless.
  • Altough the labor at "Sub Level C" has already been forgotten by most of the personal, everyone - even the medical students - seem to have the access code for the restricted area as first Ray and then Marlo follow the group into the rooms. You could argue that the first group left the door open, but I guess the security system would generated an alert once a security door with an access code stays open for a longer period of time.
  • After Sophia flatlined, the group is caught off guard when two people of the cleaning stuff show up at the basement. Jaime then manually raises the fire alert and they used the general confusion to escape to the car park while leaving everything behind as it is (uncovered medical equipement, lights are on etc.). Wouldn't it be easy to figure over which button the alert was initiated and eventually see that someone entered the restricted area which would lead to further investigations!?
  • I also believe that 99% over the car parks are under video surveillance nowadays, especially the entrance and exit. How comes the group can get away undected and there seem to be no further examination of the incidence later on at all
  • If the Flatliners are basically fighting with their own imaginary demons at the end, how comes that Jamie's left hand got hurt by a knife at the end of the movie (he is wearing a bandage at the bar). Would the makers like to make us think he hurt himself?!
  • If I am haunted by strange visions and I have a group of friends knowingly experencing the same thing, I would probably rather stick together instead of spending my nights at a big and creepy appartment on my own.
  • Kiefer Sutherland's part was pretty wasted. It would have been a better decision to build a bridge to the original movie by getting him involved in the actual plot and the experiences in my opinion.
  • Does the group still have special powers at the end? The movie doesn't dare to answer this question or make any kind of an indication.
  • Why is supernatural stuff always bonded to the physical laws of the real world? In other words, it would have been so much cooler and scarier if the ship's transmitter didn't stop to make noises once Jaimie ripped it out of the wall and cut power.
While the cast and acting was okay, there's a lot of poor writing and the entire movie is actually pretty pointless at the end in my point of view.
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Feb 26, 2018 9:32 am

You raise some interesting questions, Dominik. Shame the movie was pretty underwhelming. At least that's how I felt.
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