HoneyColony Contest - Your chance to win a signed VotB DVD

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Jun 08, 2012 2:50 pm

HoneyColony Contest - Your chance to win a "Vanishing of the Bees" DVD signed by Ellen Page

After completing "Vanishing of the Bees", the team behind the documentary had a little dream about creating an online site where people could gather reliable, trustworthy information about health and healing. That's how "HoneyColony" came to bee. Here's an animated viral video that shares their story:
You can help make HoneyColony a reality! In collaboration with VotB director Maryam Henein, EPO will run a contest to support the ambitious project and its current funding campaign on Indiegogo. For a donation of USD $10 / EUR €8 / GBP £6.5, you get the chance to win a DVD copy of "Vanishing of the Bees" signed by Ellen Page. Sounds interesting? Then get all the details below…
Rules & Terms
1. Register an account on this message board if you don't have one already and reply to this thread.
2. Send USD $10 / EUR €8 / GBP £6.5 via an Amazon gift card sent to "dominik [at] ellen-page.net", PayPal to "webmaster [at] ellen-page.net" or bank transfer (only available for Europeans; please send an email to honeycolony [at] ellen-page.net or write an PM to request the bank data).
3. Please make sure to include your email address and your username so the payment can be assigned to the right person.
4. The money must be received on June 14, 2012 at 05:00 PM PST / 07:00 PM EST / 12:00 AM GMT at the latest.
5. You will get a customized HoneyColony icon with your username and personal ID which will prove that payment has been made and you are eligible to participate in the contest.
6. All money raised will be forwarded on Thursday, June 14, 2012 to the HoneyColony project. A donation receipt will be posted here.
7. The actual contest will take place on Sunday, June 17, 2012 with the Ellen Page related quiz/crosswords being posted in this thread on 01:00 PM PST / 03:00 PM EST / 08:00 PM GMT.
8. The first person who replies here mentioning the correct solution will win the DVD.
9. EPO will bear the costs for shipping and delivery.
10. The contest will only take place if there is a minimum of 15 participants.
11. If the minimum isn't reached, you can decide whether you still want to donate the money or you would like to have it back.
12. You must be 14 years or older be eligible to participate in this contest.
13. Any of HoneyColony's staff, administrators of this website and their relatives are not allowed to participate.
14. By entering the contest you are agreeing to its terms and conditions. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.
Q: How is the winner determined?
As mentioned above, the first person who replies to this topic posting the correct solution will win the signed DVD copy. However, the winner won't automatically be the person who makes the first reply and edits the own post at a later time since we have mechanisms to detect this! We will make sure the contest is clear and transparent and everyone will get the same chance to win!

Q: Why am I supposed to give USD $10 / EUR €8 / GBP £6.5?
On the one hand, we hope you are generally willing to make a donation in order to financially support a worthy cause and on the other hand we believe this amount is reasonable considering you can get an authentic autograph of actress and Academy Award nominee Ellen Page on a DVD copy of the "Vanishing of the Bees" documentary in return (which is really rare nowadays). The alternative would be to donate USD $500 on Indiegogo for the "Bee Lover Deluxe" package, by the way. ;-)

Q: I still have a question! Who can I contact?
Please send any questions and inquries to "honeycolony [at] ellen-page.net". We will try to respond within 24 hours

Sharing, tweeting and posting about this contest is much appreciated.
Thank you & Good luck!

~Dominik Keppner
Webmaster - Ellen Page Online
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[Update] Confirmed Contest Participant
(Your avatar will be changed upon payment has been received and your original one automatically restored after the end of the contest)

#1: XeXe
#2: UCFRdWarrior
#3: Bianca1937

[Update] *Closed*
Contest won't take place due to the lack of participants. Thanks to the big EP fan base for the overwhelming support! *sarcasm off*
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Jun 08, 2012 5:39 pm

#1. Done
#2. Done
I hope our little donations will help.. And can't wait for the final contest! :totalhappy:
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Jun 11, 2012 7:56 am

I have joined...woo hoo!

Lots of Bee news this week, too...great timing for the contest
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Jun 12, 2012 2:52 am

Yay! I'm so excited! I'm so glad to see this wonderful oppertunity not only for us Ellen Page supporters, but also for the purpose of the Honey Colony...
Thank you Dominik Keppner, for the contest I'm thrilled to be a part of a good cause.