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Originally posted by Chelsea on 20th August 2008 21:46


So, I arrived on set at around 10:30, and had to get a voucher to fill out my hours for the day and where to send my check to. I then sat down at a long table by myself, but at the same table about five other people were sitting. They saw me sit sitting alone, and were instantly really friendly, not creepy at all. We also had donuts, coffee orange juice, cereal, and fruit to eat for the extras, which was really nice. A girl I met was really friendly, and had been there for several days... she kind of took me in and showed me what to do and where to go. We were the first to check into wardrobe and such, so we didn't have to wait in a line or anything, which rocked.

After about another half hour or so of just waiting around and talking, we were all finally called to go to set. The girl I was with, and her friend knew exactly where to go, and the best chances of where to get into a shot at. They were also very professional and explained that when the director said to move around, to do it quickly so as not to appear a camera hog. I had to hold an empty beer bottle, which was pretty funny considering I'm pretty sure I was one of the only ones not old enough to actually have one. There was a lot of down time, but it was never really boring because the girls I was with had some great stories and were on pretty friendly terms with some of the cast members, so we got to talk to some of them.

Here were some of the strange people on set: The creepy cowboy... he was just a creeper. He wore a cowboy hat and sunglasses and hit on girls... And when people started getting creeped out, he changed his outfit so nobody knew who he was. Luckily, this was the day before I got there and didn't have to deal with him. Leather coat guy was pointed out early in the day as a creeper, so I pretty much steered clear of him! Donald [not his real name] was a guy who thought the best way to hit on girls was to come up behind them and speak in a donald duck voice :haeh: He kept doing this even though everyone thought he was strange... It was all kind of just mildly amusing to me, though, as I didn't really hve to deal with it.

While on set, I had a short conversation with Juliette Lewis, who was ridiculous and really funny... at one point, she was skating around holding hands with one of the roller derby girls and singing the eye of the tiger at the top of her lungs, 'twas grand. We also talked to Zoe Bell for a couple of seconds, she had taken a pretty rough fall the day before and was babying her hand quite a bit.

My peoples also told me about other famous people on the set... Nobody had anything bad to say about Jimmy Fallon. Nobody could believe what a nice guy he was. Drew apparently is so far a pretty freaking good director, just a really nice person in general, and did very well with handling some of the more weird people on set. EP was one of the most reserved people, but still very nice. Nobody could really blame her for being more stand-offish though, since she seemed to attract the most creepy people out of anybody. I guess she took a rough tumble too... she was just standing in her skates, went to take a step, and fell straight to the ground! She shook it off rather admirably though. I did see her stand in, who is actually Asian. I don't think they could find a Caucasian roller derby skater as small as Ellen :laugh: Actually, watching the more famous people skate was kind of funny. Zoe did really well for the most part, but she's pretty much a bamf so that's to be expected. Juliette could get going really fast, and was pretty good, except for she has a little trouble stopping.... she kind of just threw herself on to the rail and held on to stop. :biggrin:

One of the best parts by far was watching the actual roller derby girls! They rocked and were all really friendly, ask us how we're doing things like that. One of the skaters who is really in a league in Michigan is actually a Catholic school teacher! :haha: I guess sometimes her students will come and see her matches and hold up signs. I also learned that "whip it" is actually a move in roller derby- one skater will grab another skaters hand [or foot, which is really cool] and the latter will sort of slingshot the first forward- and they get going super fast. They also knocked each other around a lot, which was sweet. They were all pretty goofy!

The people I hung out with during the day were really cool. We all stood around for an hour after we were supposed to leave just talking and being ridiculous. We are all going to go to a real roller derby match on September 13 :agreeing:

I'm back on set again this Friday :D

Questions? Comments?

Originally posted by Chelsea on 23rd August 2008 13:31

So, Friday.

We had an evening call time, so I didn't get there until 7:00, with a 7:30 call time. We sat around for a couple of hours, and then we got called to set. Drew Barrymore was there, and in between takes she had them playing music to keep up our energy, which was really nice. There were only about 50 or so extras, so way less people than usual! She also thanked us for being there on a Friday night, which was pretty cool.

We ran through a few scenes, and I hadn't seen EP at all. I was a little disappointed, but not too much as I was having a ridiculous amount of fun because the girls I was with and I were all extremely slap happy. We all had fake beer, and at some point we were pouring a little out for our homies... harry potter's parents. Yeah. We were also dancing and doing the twist. When there was no music at all.

Anyway, so at some point when I was laughing really hard I glance over and BAM! Alia Shawkat and Ellen Page are standing about five feet away from me. WHAT?! It was cool. I don't want to spoil anything with wardrobe or scenery [plus I signed a confidentiality agreement] but in the scene they walk right past me, almost brushing my shoulder. In another scene, we are walking almost in step with them. So keep an eye out for a girl in brown plaid shirt with a red t shirt underneath. She's pretty hot, too. :wink:

I will get to more background stuff later, right now I have to go get ready for work!

Originally posted by Chelsea on 25th August 2008 01:01

Oh, well I said hi to her because we spent two hours or so basically being right next to each other, and it seemed polite. She said hi back and that was that.

The whole altoids thing was just that the first day I went to set I had my tin of altoids and was eating them like candy, and someone said, oh, now I know you're in the movie business. I asked why, and they said that on the front of the camera dolly they kept pens and such and that there was also a tin of altoids. When I went back friday, I saw EP eat 3 or 4 in a couple of hours... Not quite as many as me, but still pretty good. I just thought it was funny.

Mmm, I don't think there were any other serious fans. Most fell into the category of aspiring actor or creeper. There were a few fans of her made, though! :agreeing:
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