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Ellen kicks some ass as Babe Ruthless
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Oct 07, 2009 6:22 pm

Okay, I get it.
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Oct 08, 2009 5:17 am

Dominik wrote:
bluetoes591 wrote:...but don't be ridiculous, there's no way she's in the end credits, she was an extra.
There is no reason to be mean. I know she was only an extra, but that doesn't exclude that she listed in the "Thanks to" section or somewhere else for example.
Sorry didn't mean to come across as mean, the concept of running the extras names in the credits just amused the heck out of me. I forget that not everybody sees how this all works on a daily basis.

It is rare for anybody with a non-speaking part to be credited, it has to be a strongly featured non-speaking role that effects the plot noticeably. To take Robin's point in a smaller direction, Whip It (which I have not seen yet, but I can make calculations based on the trailer) probably used at least 500 extras, could be closer to 1,000.

And due to the way extras casting works, the production probably hasn't a clue who any of them are anyway. For extras, a production hires a casting agency. The casting agency is given a list of requirements and dates when the production needs the people who fit each description. The extras report to a representative from the agency (called the extras wrangler) on the location who then sends them to set as instructed by the assistant directors. The ADs will usually give them their movement instructions, but other than that they have no direct interaction with the actual production team.

I work primarily as a production assistant, you'll never see my name in the credits either. In fact a surprising number of people who work on a given TV show or movie won't be found in the credits (people who do a heck of a lot more than extras who typically aren't on a given show more than a couple days). There is a lot of politics involved, but basically if you're not on set for most of the shoot, forget it.

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The movie making geek in me loved that scene though.
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