THE OINK JOINT...Its Now A Real Restaurant!

Ellen kicks some ass as Babe Ruthless
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Sep 24, 2009 7:25 pm

Cannot believe I missed this article....

Seems after filming of Whip It...a couple bought the restaurant used in the film Whip It.... The Oink Joint (Home of the Squealer).

The Oink Joint is now a real restaurant....located in Birch Run Township, Michigan.....between Saginaw and Detroit. It is the same location used in the film

Unfortunately you do not get served by Bliss or Pash :biggrin: But you do get BBQ and other American Diner type food. This article is from earlier this not sure if they have been able to put up the big 16 foot "Squealer" yet. :biggrin:

The other nice thing about that Whip It helped employ some 14 people. Michigan is the US state with the highest unemployment in America (over 15%) and any and all jobs are appreciated. So, thank Ellen, Drew, and everyone involved with the film for creating some jobs in an area that can use them :super:

Link: ... s_the.html
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