Juno - Deluxe Edition [Soundtrack] (Release: 11/25/2008)

Oscar-winning comedy about an unwanted pregnancy
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Nov 18, 2008 12:31 pm

Juno: Music From The Motion Picture (Deluxe Edition) (2CD)
Pre-Order Now! Release Date - 11/25/2008

Rhino Records expands the known “Junoverse” with JUNO - MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE (DELUXE EDITION), a 2-CD set that combines the #1 soundtrack with a B-sides title for a total of 34 tracks spawned by the Oscar-winning comedy. The collectible double-disc compilation also includes a 16-page booklet with track-by-track notes from director Jason Reitman plus never-before-seen storyboards and photos from the celebrated film. It's a musical treat sweeter than a giant blue Slurpee with orange TicTacs on top!

Disc One of the DELUXE EDITION, Rhino Entertainment's phenomenally successful soundtrack release Juno - Music From The Motion Picture, was originally released in January 2008 and went on to top the Billboard® 200 as well as the publication's soundtrack, digital and Canadian charts. The 19-song disc proved a breakout moment for Kimya Dawson, whose eight songs defined the film's musical signature. She appears on the album as a solo artist, a member of Antsy Pants and with Adam Green - as The Moldy Peaches - performing "Anyone Else But You." The eclectic soundtrack also contains music by Buddy Holly, Cat Power, Mott The Hoople, Belle & Sebastian, The Kinks and Sonic Youth.

The soundtrack's massive popularity begat Juno B-Sides: Almost Adopted, which comprises Disc Two and adds to the Juno canon with 15 more songs that Reitman had intended for the film, but which were ultimately not used. Previously available only as a digital download, B-Sides introduces an additional pair of songs from Dawson - All I Want Is You" and "Viva La Persistence." Other artists returning from the original soundtrack are Barry Louis Polisar ("Me And You"), Belle and Sebastian ("My Wandering Days Are Over") and Buddy Holly (“Learning The Game”). The collection closes with Juno's star Ellen Page performing “Zub Zub,” a song by the film's Oscar-honored screenwriter Diablo Cody.

JUNO: DELUXE EDITION includes all of the songs that were featured on the soundtrack and its B-sides collection.

Source: www.rhino.com

Rhino really knows how to make money :laugh: , however, it will be nice to have this new booklet :loveforever:
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Nov 18, 2008 2:21 pm

Yes it would be cool to own, the booklet sounds awesome
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Must be a Haligonian
Must be a Haligonian
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Nov 18, 2008 8:18 pm

Thanks for the info. I'm excited.
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Must be a Haligonian
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Nov 26, 2008 2:35 pm

OK..I purchased the new Juno CD set...

Now...I already have both the Soundtrack and the B Sides...so the music isnt new to me...still good though.

The 16 page booklet that came with the new CD set is nice, though probably a little less than what I thought it would be. It contains commentary from Jason Reitman...however some of those comments can be found on his iTunes playlist...but hey it didnt hurt to read them again

Best thing about the booklet is that it contains more photos and animation drawings from the movie. The best was the black/white photo of Juno (Ellen) in her mod shades and pipe....and at a different angle than other photos/stills I have seen...just a real cool photo

I paid US$24 at Best Buy for the 2 CD set, and to me it was still worth it. :agreeing:

Especially a good buy if you do not have the B Sides yet....the songs on there are just as good as the ones that made the soundtrack...and fit in well with the movie. Best tracks are "Zub Zub" (Ellen), "Viva La Persistance" (Kimya Dawson), and "You Can Have It All" (Yo La Tengo)...the latter song was originally going to be the opening credits song (which ended up being "All I Want Is You"...Barry Louis Polisar).

So dont be angggrrryyy....dont be a retard, put down that guitar....and you can have it all....go get the new Juno CD :D
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