Juno - Revisited

Oscar-winning comedy about an unwanted pregnancy
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Must be a Haligonian
Must be a Haligonian
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Jul 26, 2010 8:32 am

AddisonTea wrote:It was on cable again this morning on USA. Of course I rented it again from nf.
Hahaha nice. I brought my DVD of it to a camp because I was rooming with a friend and he lost his copy and wnated to see it. I have a Macbook Air so I need an external CD drive... turns out I left it at home. Still wanted to see it so badly we blew $10 downloading it from iTunes. And it was worth it.

Looks like we're having all sorts of Juno watching problems :sassy: .

I feel like I killed this entire board somehow there hasn't been a single new post outside this in days hahaha.
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