"Juno Effect"....May Have Reduced Teen Pregnancy After All

Oscar-winning comedy about an unwanted pregnancy
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Apr 10, 2010 5:04 am

Interesting article....

Salon.com writer thinks that the "Juno Effect" may have actually reduced teen pregnancies in the USA.

A while back....there were some people who thought that the movie Juno glamourized teen pregnancy...and it led to a rise in teen pregnancy. A lot of this was based on the (now debunked) "pregnancy pact" at a Massachusetts high school where a bunch of girls got pregnant all at once.

This writer points out that the reverse may have been true.....that Juno (and Bristol Palin is mentioned) may have actually helped reduce teen pregnancy by de-glamorizing it.

Interesting is that Ellen has been asked that question again as Whip It has made its way into British theatres (visit the Press Archive at Dominik's ellenpage.org for those articles).....too bad Ellen did not have this article available when she was asked :D

Great reading....and you also get a photo of Ellen (as Juno)

http://www.salon.com/life/pregnancy/ind ... uno_effect