Luxembourg loves Juno

Oscar-winning comedy about an unwanted pregnancy
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Mar 02, 2010 6:35 pm

Hi people. English is my fourth language, so I cannot express all the subtilities of my feelings. I am glad to be on this site because it allows me to communicate with Canadians and US people, my two favourite countries. On this site I will represent the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, a small country between France and Germany. "Juno" is sold in our DVD shops but I think I am the only Luxembourger on this site. "Juno" is actually one of my top ten favourite movies because I feel like Juno herself. Actually I am male, 37, single and publisher. In my heart I am Juno. Have a nice evening !

There are no Junos here in Luxembourg. Our women are just interested in money and babies. Fucking Luxembourg ! We need Juno !
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