Test screening in Huntington Beach, CA

Oscar-winning comedy about an unwanted pregnancy
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Posted: 23. July 2007 06:49

There was a test screening in Huntington Beach, CA. Here are the first short reviews and comments:

by olush23

Ok, saw this movie last night at a test screening. I went because I am an Ellen page fan and almost didn't go because of IMDB's cheesy plot summary. The best scene is the opening credits and arty still shots added throughout the movie combined by a quirky, fun soundtrack. Ellen page is amazing and manages to bring complexity and vulnerablity to a very sarcastic character that plays good and bad. The only problem is that Juno is suppose to be 16 but acts like she is 25 while her boyfriend Bleeker acts like he's 12 years old. It has some quirly characters which saves it from being a Lifetime movie, but sometimes it feels like it tries to hard to be like Neopolian Dynamite or Ghost World.
It has some funny and touching moments and Jen Garner does well with her supporting character. If you like sarcastic one liners - this is the movie for you. This movie is worth watching just for Ellen Page. She is such a believable actress.

by lmdurfee

yeah,i agree with you. I saw juno,last night also. She was the main character,and did well. All the other characters seemed in a twilight zone script,hello,anyone still awake. Are we there yet? So she learns that her boyfriend is worth going back to,in her life lesson in meeting jason bateman character. Not enough mmph to this: like little miss sunshine,but still good time passing movie when tv sucks these days.

by magikpurl

i went! this movie is amaaaaazing. so good. i can't wait for it to come out so i can see it again.

Source: IMDb
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