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Page, Quaid, Church and Parker in one movie
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Smart People - Review by nursewing - Fri Aug 10 2007 16:42:01

I saw a test-screening of this movie at the Grove in LA a few weeks ago, and it's amazing. I hope they don't change it too much after the test screening because it's really good. Everyone in it is so convincing and well cast (or casted?). Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church and Ellen Page are all perfect, and if at least two of them don't get Oscar nominations there's something wrong. Even the guy who plays Roy on The Office is really good in his part.

The movie is really funny, but realistic, and sad at parts. It's about a messed up family, lead by a messed up father--Dennis Quaid. His adopted brother (Thomas Haden Church) and a former student (Sarah Jessica Parker) come back into his life and shake things up for the better--kind of. His daughter (Ellen Page) is a real mess but super funny and psycho. The best thing about the movie is that ALL the relationships seemed so original and real, not like typical movie relationships between father's and daughters, uncles and nieces, brothers--even the "romantic" relationship between Quaid and Parker felt totally real.

I saw this like, three or four weeks ago and I'm still thinking about it.
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