Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on EPO Board. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General rules and information

    1. General information
      This forum works in a real time mode. Because of this it is not possible for us to control every message posted. Please note that we cannot supervise the contributions of our visitors and members online. We do not take responsibility for contents or correctness of these messages. Every author is responsible for the content of his messages. We forbid the posting of racism, pornography, and any messages offending a general group of people or a person. If these types of messages are noticed by an Administrator or Moderator, these messages can/will be deleted without giving notice to the author. The Administrator or Moderator has the right to edit these posts to remove such content. The owner of this board has the right to ban or delete any user/visitor that does not follow these rules. All information that is submitted to this forum will not be used/sold for any SPAM mailing lists. We ask that all visitors/members that choose to discuss topics, to please have fair discussions and to watch their language. Please use language that you would want to have said to you in a reply or a post directed to you. #
    2. General behavior
      Every member of this board commits himself with his registration to interact with the other members in an adequate and friendly way. In general, at this board there is freedom of opinion. Articles will not be edited or deleted as long as they fit into the policies defined here. #
    3. Privacy Policy
      On 25th May 2018, a new law called the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect across the European Union. It strengthens individual privacy rights and aims at giving internet users more control over what’s collected and shared about them, and they punish companies that don’t comply. Before you can use the message board as a regular user, you have to read and accept our Privacy Policy Statement, which you can find here. #
    4. Language
      Please use English when posting. Although Ellen Page Online hosts members from all over the world this is an English language forum. We understand if English is not your primary language and encourage best-effort attempts at posting in English. #
    5. Registration
      If you want to write posts or create new topics you have to register first. Please choose an unique and individual nick and user name. User names like "Ellen" or "Ellen Page" or "I love Ellen Page" (regardless the spelling) and names mixed up with capitals and normal letters are not allowed. #
    6. Usernames and Custom titles
      If for whatever reason you need your username changed or adjusted please contact any moderator or admin and they will make the changes for you. Moderators and Administrators can also give you a customised user title but we ask that you make at least 250 posts (new threads and or replies) before making this request. #
    7. Conflicts
      Personal attacks against other members, or attacks based on race, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation are prohibited. Any kind of conflicts between users (besides usual discussions) have to be clarified outside the public section of this board. In cases of doubt it is in the Moderator's discretion to decide whether there is an ordinary discussion or a conflict. #
    8. Moderators and Administrators
      In every case the board team reserves the right to edit or delete articles from users as far as it is regarded to be adequate. What is adequate or not it is to the Moderator's or Administrator's discretion. There is no legal claim for any article not to be edited, moved or removed. #
    9. Deletion of accounts
      In general you will get a notification if your account is being prepared for deletion. Nevertheless the Administrator is authorized to delete the following accounts:
      • - Users, who aren't following the rules
        - Users, who have registered twice
        - Users, who stand out in a negative way
        - Users, who write pornographic, violence glorifying, insulting or other illegal contents
        - Zero-poster accounts that have been inactive for 100 days
    10. General support
      If you have any questions about the rules of this forum, you are free to Private Message (PM) any of the Moderators of this forum and your questions will be addressed promptly. A current list of moderators can be found here. (Administrators on this forum have red usernames, Moderators are green) #
  2. Topics, postings and content

    1. Topics about Ellen herself
      Please note that the following contents are not allowed and desired, as we are not the IMDb and a serious board:
      • - Posts about private things like her mail address, messenger id and other stuff like that
        - Posts about Ellen's private life (family, friends and so on)
        - Posts with gossip and paparazzi stuff
    2. New topics and polls
      Please check the existing threads as well as the first Message Board (Archive) to see if your post could go in one of them before you open up a brand new thread - fewer threads with more posting on each makes it much easier for everyone to find and read what others think. At the same time, a new topic should be interesting for many users as well. Going forward, unnecessary threads will be locked and/or deleted. Also, please avoid cross-postings as well as reposts. Thank you all for helping us keep this place tidy and efficient in advance. #
    3. Subject of a topic
      If you want to create a new topic or a poll, please use a significant subject for the new thread and check your spelling. (The same applies to the answers in a poll as well). #
    4. Unneccesary replying to old posts
      Do not reply to a thread in which the last post was more than 60 days ago (called "bumping"). Offenders will be warned and multiple offenders will be banned. The only exceptions are if there's something new or answering a question that had not yet been answered. #
    5. Forbidden contents
      Articles with pornographic, violence glorifying, insulting or other content that violates the Basic Constitutional Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and breaches of ethics will be deleted without giving any warning to the author. In such cases the board team reserves its right to exclude the author from further use of this forum. Advertisement in any way (no matter if it is in the article, signature or anywhere else) will not be tolerated in this board and will therefore immediately be deleted by the board team. This rule does not apply to the carrier of this board.

      Links and requests to warez, porn, copyrighted/illegal material (including torrents), etc. are not welcome here and will be removed without warning. We are a serious Ellen Page community and such discussions will not be tolerated #
    6. Spam
      Purposely spamming a message board with senseless, vacuous, or empty messages is highly frowned upon! This includes such things as party posts, chain letters, two-word "I agree" or "me too" responses, continually posting the same topic on a particular board, posting the same question across several boards and using the Quote feature without contributing anything new to a thread. Especially newbies who don't care about that will be banned without hesitation! #
    7. Report a post
      We're pretty open-minded, but there are limits: if you see a post you find objectionable, use the 'Report This Post' button to draw it to the attention of the admin or moderators, who will respond as soon as possible. #
    8. Links
      The EPO message board's definition of spam applies to all referral links posted in profiles, signatures, titles and threads which are not related to Ellen or one of her movies and projects. Likewise, you may not post links to sites from which you may benefit from affiliation. If links to other websites are posted your post may be removed without notice and you might also be banned without notice so please abide by the rules. #
    9. Posting of images and photos
      In case your image exeeds the usual screen solution, please make thumbsnails and use a free image hoster like or to upload your images. #
    10. Spoiler
      Just because you know that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's daddy does not mean that everybody does (whoops). Be considerate, that other users may not have seen a movie or a series you are talking about, and do not give away spoilers in subject lines that everyone can read. Simply use the Spoiler function to hide your text. You should also avoid posting spoilers in a subject line altogether. #
    11. Off topic
      Non Ellen related topics should be placed in the "Off topic" area. Nevertheless this is not a spam area. That means your posts and threads should make sense and should be interesting for many users. #
  3. Avatar and signature

    1. Avatar
      You can assign an avatar to your personal profile with the width and height of 100px. Please use a graphic programm to resize your image before uploading. Animated graphics are not acceptable, as they are deemed to be too distracting. Furthermore, the words like Moderator, Administrator or Webmaster are not allowed on this graphic. You can upload the image on the webspace of this board. Hot linking of this avatar for using it on another board is not allowed #
    2. Signature
      In general signatures are allowed. If you want to use an image as signature please note that the resolution should not exceed a width of 600px or a height of 150px and the file size of 100 KB. Again, animated graphics are not acceptable, as they are deemed to be too distracting. Links to other sites (myspace, own website and so on and so forth) or any kind of ads are not allowed as well and will be deleted immediately. Last, please don't use more than 3 lines for your signature.

      Signature content may be removed and/or signature permissions revoked if a user dismisses requests by staff to change or remove content. #
  4. Warning and ban policy

    1. General information
      If a member breaches a minor board rule, they will be issued an alert via private message by a moderator. This is not counted toward the official warning count of the member. If the member continues to breach the same board rule, an official warning will be issued by a moderator. Arguing with team members after having received a warning will lead to an immediate additional warning. Should this exceed three strikes a suspension (temporary ban) will be put in place. Any attempt to circumvent a suspension (temporary ban) will lead to that ban being made permanent.

      Members who feel they have been unfairly warned are encouraged to contact the administrator.

      Three warnings within 90 days will constitute an immediate permanent ban, warnings will expire after 90 days. #